Langhorne (Yardley – 6)

Surviving marker was one of at least three for Langhorne. Two are said to have been removed by PennDOT, while this marker was salvaged and discovered in the borough garage around 1991. It is believed to have been originally placed beside Richardson Avenue between Hulmeville Road and Hulmeville Avenue.

It was restored and erected on the grounds of the Historic Langhorne Association’s property (the town’s former library) in January, 1992. At that time it was restored and repainted with funds from the Langhorne Borough Business Association. The restoration and relocation was covered by the Philadelphia Inquirer on February 2, 1992.

Historic Langhorne Association President Jim Maier and his father Bill Maier repainted the marker in 2011.

March, 2023 photo by Greg Prichard

March, 2023 photo by Greg Prichard

Philadelphia Inquirer, February 2, 1992

On grounds of HIstoric Langhorne Association