Frequently Asked Questions

I would like to install markers. Can you sell them to me? Do you have funding to help me pay for new markers?

The KMT has created new Keystone Markers in the past and owns patterns used in the creation of these replicas, but there is currently no foundry willing to produce accurate replica markers.  If your municipality is interested in new or replica markers, please contact us and we will put you on our waiting list.

I would like to restore markers. Do you do it?  Do you know who can? Can you give me the information in order to do it?

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation has encouraged its eleven Engineering Districts across the state to enter into agreements with local civic groups to adopt the markers and the Keystone Marker Trust facilitates that adoption. Where no adopting group is available, the KMT serves as the custodian itself.  The KMT provides adopting organizations with marker restoration and repair guidelines and facilitates negotiations with PennDOT regarding marker adoption.  If you would like a copy of our marker restoration guidelines, including paint color information, please let us know.  If your marker requires only cleaning and painting, you may choose to do the work yourself using the guidelines mentioned above.  Finally, if your marker is missing its ball finial, we can provide you with replacement finials.  Please contact us for more information.

In some cases, the KMT will restore a marker itself.  We generally look to partner with a historical society, civic organization, municipality, or individual to complete this work.  Please contact us for more information.

While the KMT encourages municipalities, groups, and individuals to adopt markers, and publishes guidelines for marker care, we do not assume responsibility for those who adopt markers nor do we warrant the repair work they do to the markers.  Under no circumstances do we assume any agency relationship with or obligation for adopting parties, their contractors, the markers, or other persons.

Do you have records of all of the markers?

A searchable list of all known markers is available through the Keystone Marker Database.  We also welcome new submissions when a marker is located and ask you to contact us if you find a marker that is not currently in our database.  In addition, we encourage anyone that may be interested to volunteer with our effort to get in touch with us[We are always looking for “spotters” who can help us add previously unknown markers to our database, as well as to provide update info.  Many markers now in our database have old or undated photos, and may not even still be there as far too many are neglected by local officials.  Let us know of your interest.]

How do I obtain the correct paint colors to restore my markers?

Original Keystone Marker paint colors are available through Pittsburgh Paints. They are automotive paints and are PPG #12908-# 929525 Keystone Marker Blue and PPG #82291-# 929526 Keystone Marker Yellow.  If you are unable to obtain that paint we can supply it and send it at cost.