Letters of Support

The Keystone Marker Trust is actively seeking funds that will allow us to help communities restore and re-install their Markers. We especially seek to encourage towns who affirm the Keystone Marker Trust Principles.

Municipalities, organizations and individuals from across the Commonwealth have written to express their support of the Keystone Marker Trust’s efforts to restore and replicate the historic keystone markers.  Several of those letters of support appear below.  If you love the keystone markers too, please let us know!  Send us a letter of support.  A template letter of support is below. Questions? Feel free to contact us.

See an article about the KMT’s work in Lancaster County in the Lancaster Farming News.  Also, see WTAJ’s news feature on the KMT.

Sample Letter of Support

Return to jatogr@embarqmail.com or mail to 4020 Prospect Hill Lane, Pottstown, PA 19464 (IF ORGANIZATION OR MUNICIPALITY—PUT ON LETTERHEAD)

To whom it may concern:

Please accept this letter in support of the Keystone Marker Trust’s (KMT) application for funding to facilitate marker adoption, repair and installation by towns, organizations, and individuals across the Commonwealth.

(IF ORGANIZATION) Our organization, (ORG NAME), has as its mission (ORG MISSION); (IF INDIVIDUAL) My name is and I live in (TOWN).

(WE/I) have a deep interest in Pennsylvania’s future. (WE/I) recognize Pennsylvania’s need for new investment in the multiple senses of that word both from within and outside state borders. Pennsylvania needs to attract new industry and retain and grow existing industry by setting itself apart from other investment-hungry states.

  • Pennsylvania needs to enhance tourism by marketing its unique places in an equally-unique way accessible to technology-savvy visitors, most of whom arrive by car.
  • Pennsylvania needs a rebirth of civic pride and a re-commitment of its citizens to responsibility for the place they call home. As state resources to care for its infrastructure become increasingly stretched, a citizenry cognizant of the cumulative value of even small acts of stewardship becomes increasingly necessary.

WE/I see the program being established by the Keystone Marker Trust as an economical, long-lasting way to address all of these needs while at the same time creating employment across the state and reducing the state’s own infrastructure burden for years to come.

A recent DCNR report written by renowned Urban Land Institute Senior Fellow Ed McMahon decried Pennsylvania’s gateways as lacking in ways that negatively impact outside investment, tourism, and civic pride. Emblematic of this deficiency is our communities’ ongoing loss of their most recognizable and distinctly Pennsylvania feature: the much-photographed, century-old keystone markers that once guarded all of their entrances. The Keystone Marker Trust is seeking only modest support to augment the donations and volunteer labor they have marshaled from across the Commonwealth. WE/I strongly encourage your support of their program.

(your name)
(your title if applicable)


Thanks to all who have written letters of support!



Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission

National Trust for Historic Preservation

Preservation Pennsylvania

Urban Land Institute–Ed McMahon

Pittsburgh History and Landmarks Foundation

Schuylkill River National and State Heritage Area

Paul Daniel Marriott and Associates

Representative William Adolph (R-165th District and House Appropriations Chairman)

Senator Andrew Dinniman (D-19th District)

Representative Jim Cox (R-129th District)

Representative Tom Murt (R-152nd District)

Representative Mark Keller (R-86th District)

Franklin County Historical Society

Jonestown Borough

Lewisburg Borough

Juniata County

Highspire, Pennsylvania

Lincoln Highway Heritage Corridor

Guilford Township Supervisors

Borough of Duncannon

Pennsylvania Lumber Heritage Region

Schuylkill River National and State Heritage Area

Borough of Elizabethtown

Hellertown Borough

Mountville Borough (Mayor’s Letter)

Mountville Borough (Parks and Rec Letter)