School Zone (Wyoming Co.)

Root Hollow Road
Forkston, PA

A front-mount sign and front-mount pole located on Root Hollow Road in Forkston, Pennsylvania.  It was painted yellow with blue lettering and trim.

Marker was removed and restored by KMT in cooperation with the township. 3rd and 4th photos June 2013 show newly redone marker back in place.  Done with black lettering which is believed to the the original scheme.   Last photo shows the former Conrad School, about 100 yards away.

This keystone format was used by the former Highways Dept for traffic signs of all kinds in the 1920s.  All photos by J. Graham

traffic-school_zone-A-1 Photo by Seth Gaines, Aug. 2008. Photo by D. Graham, Sept. 2011. June 2013 June 2013 Tthe former Conrad School, about 100 yards away.