Marker Found Buried

March 2023 photo by M. Norton

March  2023  –  Like hundreds of Pennsylvania towns, Dushore, a town along U.S. Route 220 in Sullivan County, once had at least two Keystone Marker town name signs.  Both were believed to be long gone.  However, a property owner along the road recently unearthed not only one of the markers, but also the original cast iron post.   The sign is still affixed to the post.   This find was reported to KMT by the Sullivan County HIstorical Society.  The Society, working with the property owner and KMT are working to have the sign and its post restored and re-erected, hopefully at its original roadside location.  After sandblasting, the sign and post will be repainted by the Northern Tier Career Center, the Vo-Tech school that serves Sullivan and Bradford Counties.